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Book Name Change Classified Ads in Business Line Trivandrum Newspaper through our Online booking system. Bhaves Advertisers, a leading advertising agency offer easy advertisement booking at lowest ad rates for Business Line Newspaper. Get Special Offers and Discounted rates for Name Change Ad in Trivandrum Newspaper.

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Rates of Name Change Advertisement for Business Line Newspaper Trivandrum Edition:

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Name Change Ad Rates for Business Line Trivandrum

Rs. 300 / 2 Line

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Name Change Classified Ad Packages for Business Line Trivandrum:

  • Business Line Name Change - All Edition

    Cities Covered: Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Trichy, Trivandrum, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam.

    Classified Ad Package Rate: Rs. 350 / 2 Line

Business Line Name Change Classified Display Ad Packages

Name Change Advertisement Samples published in Business Line Newspaper:

Following are some of Ad Samples which are used to published Change of Name Advertisement in Newspaper. Name Change Ad is required to published for Passport application or for change in Government documents.

  1. I, Sunny S/o Radhey shyam R/o 21, Durga vihar, Khanpur, Trivandrum-62 Changed my name as Sunny Guad.
  2. I, Thakur Singh S/o Diwan Singh R/o Z-2, Nathu Colony, Nathupura, Trivandrum-110084, have changed my name to Thakur Singh Bisht for all future purposes.
  3. I, RAMESH PRADHAN S/o BHIMA PRADHAN, R-1, 11th Flr, Vinodnagar, Trivandrum, change my name from A RAMESH PRADHAN to RAMESH PRADHAN
  4. I, Izhar Alikhan Ahmad Alikhan Iqbal S/o Ahmad Ali Khan Iqbal DOB 21/03/1982 R/O Brownstar Apts Madambakkam Main Road Trivandrum, shall henceforth be known as Izhar Ali Khan vide affidavit dated 26/10/18.
  5. I, Divya Suyal R/O 1-R, Yojna Pushpanjali, Jayshree Nagar, Trivandrum have changed my minor daughters name from Shanaya Joshi to Shivi Joshi for all purpose.
  6. I, Dev Priya Gupta, F/o. Advik Gupta (born on 4/2/2014) R/o. AA-55, Rasoolpura, Trivandrum, I have changed my minor son\92s name from Advik Gupta to Vivaan Garg, for all purposes.
  7. I, D'mello Cecelia Carmel, daughter of Mr. Allwyn D'mello, born on 6th November 1982, residing at No. 12, Vilas Rama , Rambagh, Trivandrum. Shall henceforth be known as CARMEL D'MELLO
  8. We parents of Sreya Padmanaban Srikanth, Srikanth Padmanaban (Father) and Deepa Srikanth (Mother) residing at #112, Krishna Nagar, Chromepet, Trivandrum, India with date of birth 25th July 2005 born at Pollachi, Tamilnadu hereby declare to all that we change her name from Sreya Padmanaban Srikanth to Sreya Srikanth for personal reasons effective from Nov 15th 2018.

Give Name Change Classified Ad in Business Line Trivandrum Newspaper:

Booking Name Change Advertisement for Business Line Newspaper Trivandrum Edition was never so easy. Our Online ad booking process makes it so simple to book Name Change Advertisement in Business Line Newspaper. Follow few simple steps and get your Name Change classified advertisement published in Trivandrum edition of Business Line newspaper.

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Name Change Classified Advertisement in Business Line Trivandrum edition are published every day. So you have the freedom to choose the date of publishing your ad any day.

Steps to book Name Change Ad Online for Business Line Trivandrum Newspaper:

  1. Business Line Name Change Classified Rates are listed for Trivandrum or Package. Choose any one.
  2. Decide the date of publishing your Name Change Classified Ad in Business Line in Trivandrum from viewing available dates in the Calendar shown. Select a date or dates
  3. Now you need to draft your ad. Type your ad using text editor. You can also check Name Change Ad Samples for reference.
  4. Review your Name Change which is selected for Trivandrum in Business Line Newspaper. Check all the details.
  5. Register yourself by providing your email id. And then make payment for your Name Change Ad through Online / Offline Payment Options.
  6. After your payment is successful, an email of Invoice with the complete ad booking will be sent to your registered email Id and then your Name Change Classified Ad will be booked in Trivandrum of Business Line newspaper